What kind of fabric is six layer gauze?

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Six layer gauze is made of pure gauze with six overlapping layers and different mesh densities, which contains air and has good moisture retention and lightweight texture. When cold, it provides insulation, and when stuffy, it can quickly absorb sweat and dry, allowing the baby's body to have a regulated and appropriate temperature. The outer layer is made of fine yarn, which softens as you wash, protecting your baby's delicate skin. The middle layer of yarn is thicker, which can fully absorb moisture and quickly sweat, providing the most comfortable wearing and use experience for babies.

The six layer yarn is a fine thread yarn that is already very skin friendly, and it will become softer and softer after washing, without rubbing against the baby's delicate chin and neck.

Our mother and baby gauze products are made with strict craftsmanship, ensuring safe use for babies. We have large factories that can be visited on-site to reassure customers about our production capabilities. Looking forward to working with you!

Created on:2023年9月11日