What is a baby washing gauze scarf for?

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Wrap only during sleep, and when the baby is awake, playing or breastfeeding, untie the package to allow the baby to fully move and not hinder their physical development. If it is wrapped around breastfeeding, it is easy to fall asleep after feeding, and there is a risk of not having enough to eat.

When will the baby's gauze scarf be wrapped?

Until the baby's startle response basically disappears, about four months. Of course, perhaps before this, the baby's strength was already strong enough to no longer hold tightly. You can first let go of one hand, let him adapt, gradually become familiar with it, and then let go of the other hand. When the baby can roll over, it can also be changed to sleeping on the stomach, which effectively suppresses the movement of both hands and has the same effect as wrapping up.

Created on:2023年9月11日