Where is the difference between bath towels that both babies and mothers love so much?

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Many girls, regardless of whether they have a baby or not, always have a preference for products used by babies, because what babies use in their hearts represents safety and trouble free.

Because everyone is the most concerned and attentive about their children's food and clothing, and their scrutiny is also the strictest, after all, it is about giving them something to use.

Taking towels as an example, the ordinary towels we use, whether it is to dry our face or water stains on our hands, will be stained with some hair shavings that have fallen off the towels. Applying them to the skin not only looks uncomfortable, but also feels uncomfortable to the touch.

Just finished washing your face/bath, wipe it with a regular towel and feel like it's washed white!

So, the gauze scarf came into view and was very popular. A good product, once discovered, can no longer be discarded after use.

Why are you so fond of gauze towels?

Scarf is a textile product characterized by sparse warp and weft lines with mesh.

People often use gauze purchased from pharmacies, which belongs to the category of skim gauze. When pure cotton gauze in gauze becomes a daily washcloth and bath towel that can be used at all times, more and more families are choosing gauze towels.

Why so many people love it? It's also because it stands out:

Moisture absorption and breathability

The gauze is woven and stacked in multiple layers, making it soft and fluffy, with large gaps and strong breathability; In addition, pure cotton gauze material can achieve instant absorption and quick drying, with good water absorption. Whether it's washing your face or taking a shower, gently wiping it is comfortable and does not touch hair.

Delicate and skin friendly

And when it comes into contact with the skin, it is particularly soft and won't harden like a regular towel after a few uses. Gauze towels are perfect for babies with delicate skin and sensitive adults.


Of course, there are many types of gauze towels, but the most exciting one is gauze bath towels. Not only can they be used as bath towels for children, but they can also be used as summer blankets for babies. For adults, they can also be used as facial wipes, which can be used by both adults and children. It's not enough to stock up five or six at once!

Good things are like hoarding more, which is a common point for women when shopping.

A gauze bath towel that can be used for both mother and baby

Of course, it is recommended to be unique. Here is a six layer gauze bath towel for infants and young children in Class A.

What is Class A for infants and young children?

The national standard classification A refers to the safety standards for infant and toddler clothing products under 36 months old. Infant and child textile products should comply with GB18401, and the final product should also meet the requirements of 4.2~4.5.

Class A can be used by infants and young children under the age of three. This quality is of course reassuring and extremely comfortable to use.

There are also specialized tests conducted, which do not contain fluorescent agents and meet Class A standards. Of course, they are not empty.

Comfortable feeling of no shedding or pilling

This scarf bath towel is still made of 40S combed cotton, with a soft touch, and you can feel its fluffiness when holding it.

Everyone should know how uncomfortable it feels to be covered in the crumbs of a regular towel on your face and body. If you have a baby at home, you should pay more attention.

After using a gauze bath towel, every time you come out of the shower, it should be dry and refreshing. It has a large water absorption space and is breathable without stuffiness, allowing you to spend every day comfortably with it.

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