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Steamed milk soft film powder sea bath facial mask gauze

Product name: gauze slicing

Product specification: 40S 28 * 24

Product size: 30cm * 35cm, maximum customizable according to customer requirements. The size is plus or minus 1 centimeter, please do not take photos if you mind.

Packaging: 100 pieces/pack, 50 bags/box

Net weight: 280 grams ± 5 grams

Usage: This product is suitable for use in beauty salons and has the characteristics of good water absorption and no odor.

Explanation: 10 meters=1 package, 20 meters=2 packages, it is recommended to choose a multiple of 10 when shooting.

Can't ship below 10 meters (not enough for one package).

If a large quantity is needed, it is recommended to shoot in multiples of 500 meters, with a gross weight of 15 kilograms per piece. Shipping by piece is cheaper!!!