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Pure cotton water washed bubble gauze bath towel

Pure cotton water washed bubble gauze bath towel

Specification: 30 * 30 six layer (bubble wrap is processed to form wrinkled bubbles, measured as stretching size)

Fabric: 40 count combed pure cotton six layer gauze

Fruit color: light pink, light blue, light yellow, light green

Printed flower patterns: mango, mushroom, coconut, maple leaf (customers can also provide customized flower source files)

Weight: 30g per piece

Packaging: 5 frosted zippered PE bags

(Packaging and OEM production according to required specifications) Welcome to contact and negotiate with us personally!

Super soft and skin friendly, providing better care for babies.

Our factory produces customized: pure cotton washable diapers, square towels, and bath towels, which are produced year-round and not out of stock. Because our gauze is produced in our own factory, it is more guaranteed in terms of delivery time and supply quality

1: Our factory supports small batch size and OEM production.

2: Note: This product link is a 6-layer thick high-density gauze bath towel, with a size of 105 * 105cm.

3: The normal size is the stretching size, and the error in the tiling size is within the normal range of 2-3 centimeters. We do not accept returns or exchanges due to normal size expansion issues.

4: Customers who need to be labeled and customized need to send the washing label in advance.

5: This quotation does not include tax, shipping, or packaging.

6: The process of this product is cumbersome, and sewing, washing, and drying are all fixed times. Urgent orders are not accepted.

7: Our factory is engaged in wholesale production and non precision packaging for shipments.

8: If you need to add packaging, please send it directly to the packaging bag, which can be used for packaging. The commonly used packaging bags are frosted self sealing bags, with prices ranging from 0.3 to 0.6 yuan.

9: If you need to change the shipping cost or logistics after placing an order, please contact customer service to calculate the actual shipping cost and make payment after changing the price.